Kuredu is home to a recompression chamber with an on-site hyperbaric medical team. The chamber has been up and running since 2006 and offers an additional safety feature to our operations. The chamber staff are always on standby, serving not only the local resorts, but also the numerous liveaboard / safari boats that venture up into the northern Atolls of the Maldives..

Kuredu Clinic serves all the guests and the staff on Kuredu 24/7. There are two specialist doctors who take care of the clinic and the hyperbaric chamber.

Fully equipped medical clinic

On-site services include wound dressing, nebulisation, IV infusion, oxygen inhalation, blood sugar testing, injection administration, ECG, incision and drainage, ear syringing, digital otoscope and many other procedures. Please contact us directly should you have any specific concerns or require assistance planning a trip for an individual with particular medical needs.

Dermatologist service

Kuredu is a tropical island with white sandy beaches, wonderful sea with rich underwater life. You can always have problems related to your skin and we have a dermatologist in our clinic for your service.

Kuredu Island Resort

One of the most popular and top rated of the Maldives Resorts, Kuredu offers an excellent choice of accommodation, all inclusive packages and facilities.